A letter to my Penguin

Hello penguin, 

I know I know you dont like to be called that way, but once you were my beautiful penguin and the best thing that has ever happened to me until then. “How time flys right ?.”
“Do you even remember our old days together and the day we met eachother for the first time ?,” i still remember every single bit that happened on that day (Not sure if you do).

The sun was brisk, people shouting like its the end of the world, loud music playing for nothing and i was very much involved in that program organising thing and suddenly a penquin pops out of nowhere and love was in the air.

Yup, thats how i saw you my penguin. Not until i saw those brown eyes of yours, brown eyes were not my favorites (was a blue eyes kind of guy you know ) when the sunlight hit those eyes of yours it was shinning like a diamond cause it was all wet and u were weeping but eventually i made them dry ( not knowing you would make mine go wetter).

And finally those brown eyes of yours was mine and mine alone (or that was i thought, you never know what is it you gonna loose at the end of the day ). It was like a fricking paradise, the first half of our beautiful journey together. At that time i really wished that it stayed that way but god had some other plans i suppose;

As we began our voyage of love, it was all good and we were happy as hell ( i guess you also felt the same).The serene old coffee shop that we used to visit often; “remember that bald waiter with the doubtful eyes?,” those long walks through our own cultural city, all the laughs that we shared. Sleep was not really our thing remember?, rather staying up real late and talking until either of us is knocked out. And that sweet yet special gift that you gave me on my birthday. Everything was great until it wasn’t and we broke up.

The first few days were hard, i was literally drowning in my own flood of grief and i didn’t know how would i ever be ok again but as days go by, i was back on my normal being and feelings started to fade away ( now i know how Gandhi felt after india got independence from British ) and that put me in doubt on how you girls just jump from one person to another so easily; i mean, “How do you guys do that ??” ( not everyone but some like you) and then i realised that its the kind of world we live in, suddenly it was like you just flipped a switch and became a person i never knew.

I can literally see your face turning red while reading this, clearly there is no need for that my dear (purposefully avoided all those things that you would hate to hear, you can relax now).This letter is something that i was holding onto for a long time now and i was hoping to loose them all one day and this is the only way that i know right now. No more grudges on you anymore cause there must be some heck of a connection between us for the grudge thing to workout (we lost it way back then). Now we are more like strangers with some goddamn memories.

And now i’m like a kite with no strings attached to it, doing whatever i wish to do, (without any constraints from anyone) enjoying life to its fullest and living life happily. I suppose you’re also living your dream life that you always wanted to live, (“How’s that porsche doing ?”)
i hope everything worked out exactly how you wanted it to be. I wish i could go back to the day i met you and simply walk away from you.

“Now we’re living happily ever after, separately though”

Yours not so lovingly,

PS : Never take anything for granted (love ofcourse),
until you realise its 200% real. “Do double checks or triple, its your life you are playing with.”


                                   Pic courtesy @Pinterest

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13 thoughts on “A letter to my Penguin

  1. Wow.. It was too emotional to be read without a teary smile. I have never been into any relationship but faced a break up with close friends. And somehow the feeling is mutual,because it’s always the love which ties.
    Amazingly written. Good job. 😄

    Liked by 2 people

  2. O my God…this is just awesome…It’s damn touchy and actually made me a bit emotional…I hope your “penguin” soon read this 🙂. Powerful spontaneous emotions are reflective in this epistle of yours…I am so glad that I got an opportunity to come across such a perfect piece of writing

    Liked by 1 person

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